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A 100 acre Non-Profit Healthcare facility for Veterans.

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The Cherokee Path Warrior Sanctuary, a non-profit organization will be providing an all-encompassing medical treatment complex that incorporates both traditional acute and post-acute pathways with the added, essential dimensions of Wellness programming specific to maintaining quality of life and recovery through nontraditional and holistic approaches.

It is the goal of the Cherokee Path Health & Wellness Divisions, to assist wellness and preventable healthcare in technologically advanced, LEED certified, residential setting. During our veterans stay, we will have qualified and dedicated MDs and their medical teams will work with you in creating a tailored protocol and supplement plans, helping you reach your desired goals and achieve the highest level of health and wellness, both during your stay, and when you return home. This program is ideal for anyone who wishes to transform and improve their health, look and feel younger, increase energy and physical fitness, find emotional and spiritual balance, and discover the latest and most powerful natural healing methods in the world!

The Cherokee Path Sanctuary recognizes the fluidity of healthcare reimbursement models and will exercise great care to forecast the evolving trends toward reimbursed residential healthcare delivery and the strategic advantages of technological efficiencies. As per design, all structures will be 95% chemical free. Over a 7-year program, this facility will be a non-profit operation which caters exclusively to provide healthcare services for up to 1,000 Veterans wo will be housed and cared for within our land plan.

Our assisted living facilities will be designed to house veterans in five phases of development.

Phase one will provide (100) bed traditional ACLF with a twenty-five (25) bed dementia unite. The design of the ACLF will meet current licensure guidelines as well as incorporate future health care delivery models of Medicare reimbursement not currently offed to the licensed level of care.

Our Veterans Medical Center will provide innovative, high quality holistic care using a variety of treatment modalities for the best outcome. Healthcare that addresses medical needs but also addresses spiritual, mental and physical needs. One component of this triad can’t be ignored to reach optimal health. Medical care is not cookie cutter with the same treatment to treat the same diagnosis in all patients.

Our goal is to be the pinnacle of healthcare which requires a robust research department. Research and evidence based clinical care is imperative to providing world class care. Dementia effects many across the aging process. Over and above all our services, within all of our Cherokee Path healthcare facilities, we will also address spiritual, mental and physical wellness.

Definitions of Traditional-Holistic-Eastern Health Care Modalities

by Dr. Amanda 2-28-09

Conventional medicine primarily attemps to stabilize a person’s medical condition from deteriorating too rapidly.  It seeks to diminish symptoms of illness and does so mainly through using the modalities of medications (pharmaceuticals) and surgery, as well as other procedures. It is capital-intensive and technological.  It excels in crisis management and resuscitation for acute conditions but does not do as well for chronic functional problems neither does it focus much on disease prevention, but rather on early detection of disease.

Extensive use of conventional medicine for chronic functional conditions can promote the development of further disease in the future as the metabolic waste products of medications overburden the kidney, the liver and the bowel and the potential for drug interactions increases the greater the number of medications the patient uses.
Eastern or Oriental health care recognizes health as the dynamic balance of opposing forces.  It utilizes acupuncture to modulate the body’s electromagnetic field, i.e. it clears and balances the pathways that energy flow in the body. 
Chinese medicine recognizes that there is no physical illness without mental/emotional imbalance and vice versa.  Therefore, Chinese herbal formulas affect certain organs (and each organ is associated with a certain emotion) and thereby address physical and emotional imbalances at the same time. In seeking perfect balance, Chinese medicine is by nature preventative, but it also helps to optimize the patient’s current health condition as well.
Holistic or integrative medicine considers the whole patient, both the mental/emotional/spiritual issues of the patient as well as their physical challenges.  It seeks to build the overall health of the patient as well as prevent disease by utilizing nutrition, lifestyle modification, herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, bodywork and psycho spiritual counseling. 

Integrative medicine can encompass both conventional and Chinese medicine, utilizing conventional medicine where appropriate to stabilize the patient, and utilizing Chinese medicine and/or holistic medicine to manage the chronic health conditions the patient may have as well at to prevent development of new disease. 
Chinese medicine is, by nature, holistic, but holistic medicine also includes other modalities such as chiropractic care, homeopathy, applied kinesiology, nutrition, massage, colon therapy, etc.  Integrative medicine is inclusive and is logically the branch of medicine that is best suited for managing the entire spectrum of medical care needs from the most acute and emergent to the most chronic and preventive.